Assistant Professor of Medical Ethics

McDonald Scholar

I am a Canadian theologian and ethicist (born and raised in Estevan, Saskatchewan). My work tends to be found at the intersections of theology, philosophy, and medical/health humanities. At present, I am the Assistant Professor of Medical Ethics and McDonald Scholar in the Columbia Center for Clinical Medical Ethics at Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians & Surgeons. I am also a Research Fellow at Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford.

Previously, I was the McDonald Postdoctoral Fellow in Christian Ethics and Public Life with the McDonald Centre for Theology, Ethics and Public Life at the University of Oxford. I was also a humanities and healthcare fellow with a Wellcome Trust ISSF funded project, 'Advancing medical professionalism: integrating humanities teaching in the University of Oxford's medical school'. In addition to these recent roles, I have been a postdoctoral fellow at Regent College and I maintain a research association with Vancouver School of Theology at the University of British Columbia. My academic background includes training in theology, bioethics and health policy, and applied physiology.

I owe a great deal to those scholars who've invested their time and energy into my academic formation, including Professors John C McDowell, Archie Spencer, Terry Lovat, Cad Dennehy, Carole Schneider (1950-2013), and Douglas Miller. 

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