Assistant Professor of Medical Ethics & McDonald Scholar

I am a Canadian (born and raised in Estevan, Saskatchewan) whose scholarly work tends to be found at the intersections of theology, philosophy, and medicine/health care. At present, I am the Assistant Professor of Medical Ethics and McDonald Scholar in the Columbia Center for Clinical Medical Ethics (CCME) at Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians & Surgeons. I am also the Director of the Columbia Character Cooperatives, an initiative of the CCME that gathers student Fellows to think about and to (re)discover the practices that (fail to) make them as good as possible for their tasks as healthcare workers, whether as doctors, surgeons, or the like. In addition to my work at Columbia, I am concurrently a Research Fellow at Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford, a Research Associate at Vancouver School of Theology, and a Fellow with the James M Houston Centre for Humanity & the Common Good at Regent College.

Previously, I was the McDonald Postdoctoral Fellow in Christian Ethics and Public Life with the McDonald Centre for Theology, Ethics and Public Life at the University of Oxford. I was also a humanities and healthcare fellow with a Wellcome Trust ISSF funded project, 'Advancing medical professionalism: integrating humanities teaching in the University of Oxford's medical school'. In addition to these recent roles, my academic background includes training in theology, bioethics and health policy, and applied physiology.

I owe a great deal to those scholars who've invested their time and energy into my academic formation, including Professors John C McDowell, Terry Lovat, Archie Spencer, Cad Dennehy, Carole Schneider (1950-2013), and Douglas Miller. 

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