at Columbia and beyond

Forthcoming Presentation

On 21 September 2022, I'll be leading a seminar at the Morningside Institute on 'Humanizing being in a technological age'.

When we discuss technology, we often think of it as a human activity and as a means to an end. But theologian George Grant has argued technology is not merely instrumental in these ways. Rather, he writes, “technology is the ontology of our age.” As an ontology, technology not only says something about but also actively shapes our being. Accordingly, I will lead a discussion about technology and why a merely instrumental understanding is insufficient to appreciate the ways that our humanity is being conformed.

A new initiative at The Columbia Center for Clinical Medical Ethics

The work of medicine thrusts medical workers into intense settings. As we navigate their practical and scientific intricacies, how can we keep track of the effects those environments have on us? How can we account for these effects as we seek to grow alongside many others? To answer these questions, a community of students called the Columbia Character Cooperative will thoughtfully examine the situations that shape us for better or worse and intentionally foster the habits necessary to thrive therein.