Book Review

The following excerpts come from two recent reviews of my book, Interrupting Moral Technique.

“Moyse makes a convincing case that Barth is a profitable theological resource for transforming bioethics, particularly in terms of shifting ethical attention from principles and rules to actual persons.”

— REVIEW: Joshua Daniel, Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics, 37(1), 2017: pp. 221-222

“In this work, ... Moyse argues for a bioethics that moves away from the abstract, impersonal reasoning of common morality and into various ‘postures’ that are more faithful to a redemptive, inductive, and dynamic approach to bioethics. ... [He] does an excellent job of showing how theology can interrupt and potentially transform bioethics in a way that refuses to retreat into abstractions and instead meets individual patients where they are: in the heat of crisis.”

— REVIEW: Jacob Shatzer, Ethics & Medicine, 33(1), 2017: p. 60